The UFO Mystery

I was watching Larry King, who I reckon is a great broadcaster, he is so relaxed. He was with a number of UFO experts discussing if there is a government cover up of the UFO mystery. They showed footage of a military missile that seemed to be hit by a pulse from a UFO. I’m sure the government would not want that as common knowledge.

Then Stanton Friedman and others went on to discuss the mystery of the UFOs, but they stayed with the ‘superior intelligence, visitors from outer space’ theory, which in my view is bogus.

In trance, we see the UFOs all the time in the Aluna Mirror Worlds of the multi-dimensional hyper-state. They are sentient beings of a demonic nature, drones that are birthed out of a tube that comes up at the angle of 45 degrees from below, it fires eleven at a time meaning eleven births. I have watched that UFO birthing process thirty or forty times.

They begin as blobs and only later do they morph into the classic UFO saucer shape, or even flying oil barrels or sticks and flying triangles and so forth. The Greys are drones inside the main saucer drone.

Essentially the UFOs are inner world beings that are from the hell worlds. Not from outer space even though they have the ability to look silvery and solid.

They can read your mind as all demonic beings can but they have no superior intelligence. In fact, because they are drones they can’t think laterally, they are very stiff and linear, thick as two planks really.

We have tricked them so many times. We used to chase after the Greys with samurai swords. They sure leave quick. In the Aluna Mirror Worlds the UFOs are being destroyed in their thousands. Game’s up bit-by-bit anyway!


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