Perception & the Symmetry of Beauty

{Observing symmetrical & asymmetrical aspects in people.}

The celestial, inner worlds that we see in the Morph are digital and mathematical and symmetrical in their beauty. And the beings in there are also beautifully symmetrical and complex. There is an implicit mathematical order to nature and the shape of everything in the cosmos-things that are holy and good rest in a mathematical symmetrical balance. A symmetrical face is a beautiful face. But of course, most of human beauty comes from an inner radiance so it doesn’t matter what shape your face is. Often people that have asymmetrical faces have quirky good looks. Sean Penn, Robert de Nero, and Christina Aguilera have asymmetrical good looks.

Christina Aguilera

If you look at the lines we’ve drawn on Christina Aguilera’s face, you can see her eyes are asymmetrical in that the right eye is slightly higher than the left one, and the end of her nose turns towards her right side. Her mouth is also slightly asymmetrical in that it is set slightly “off center” toward the left side of her face. In a perfectly symmetrical face, the eyes would be level, the nose straight and the mouth centered.

Some people are born with symmetrical features that gradually get bent out of shape over the years by their silent attitudes and their emotions. Anger, evil and arrogance begin to contort one’s face as early as in one’s teenage years. Some inner sentiments that appear on the face are obvious to see. One who lies a lot, that lives in a phony reality of their own making, will see their mouth slant downwards at the edges. Those that are very stingy develop tight, thin upper lips.

If a person is arrogant you will see it as an etheric bubble under their nose; they hold their chin up ever so slightly higher than normal. This is because in their deep inner soul they look down their nose on humanity. In women, the arrogance is often seen as a slight pout. Their upper lip is unnaturally curved upwards and they pinch the end of their nose downwards slightly. It is as if they are trying to hold an invisible ping-pong ball between their upper lip and the underside of their nose. Posh Beckham, the former Spice Girl and now David Beckham’s wife, is a classic in the ping-pong pout category. Super models on the catwalk often do the pout as part of their overall presentation. I would have loved to put a photo of the “model-girl pout” here but photographers have copyright laws that cover their work. Resources at Stuie are as skinny as the girls, acquiring rights to fashion pictures is not a possibility.

Here is a simple quiz to test to you with a perception of symmetry. We’ve cut out the mouths from photos of three famous people. See if you can work out who is who from the clues. The answers are at the end of this article.

One is talented and generous beyond words.
One is humble, diligent and brave.
One is a predator who profits from the misery of others.

Mouth A Mouth B Mouth C
Mouth A Mouth B Mouth C

In the olden days when I was still a seminar presenter, I would take participants out in the street and I’d show them how to read people by watching breakdowns in symmetry that are present in people’s faces. It was a very interesting time; I enjoyed the process enormously. What I found was that once you show a person what to look for they get it immediately. Even the more subtle, hidden emotions, like self-hate and shame become obvious. But what caused the most surprise for my long-suffering clients was when I had them identify the human predators.

Some predators like murders and criminals are usually easy to spot as they give off a darkness that is erratic and scary, but most predators are cleverly hidden inside high fashion and/or a three-piece suit. These people legally thieve off humanity or they act to control or crush their fellow men and women: stockbrokers, bankers, arms dealers, cosmetic surgeons, sex slavers, bent reporters, crooked politicians, shonky businessmen and women of all kinds.

These predators are hard to spot but once you know a bit about the etheric it gets easier. All predators have an etherically curled lip that is usually curled up at the right side of the mouth. It’s a very subtle snarl that speaks from their cold, reptilian brain. Predators are heartless and self-centered; humanity is food for them that provides sex, money, service, adulation and admirers. Predators are materialists; they see humans as underlings placed here to serve them and/or hold them up. So etherically and/or sometimes physically, the predator’s snarl speaks of an utter disdain for others. Now, socially he or she may play Mr. Nice Guy but you aren’t looking at the “show” they offer, you look for the underlying demonic feeling that bends their etheric and drives their life. In fact, the more a person plays at being nice, the darker they usually are. When you bump into Mr. Nice Guy, or Little Miss Perfect, proceed with great caution or better still, flee.

Perception is a lot to do with understanding signs, some of which are obvious once you know what to look for. For example, most men who wear a moustache that don’t have a beard as well are usually authoritarian. They seek control. The moustache often hides a closet Nazi. It grants them the inner sense of importance, manhood and virility. They are here as the elite, to act as prison guards for humanity. Of course, there are exceptions to this rule but a moustache offers you a serious warning.

Mugabi: Africa's Black Hitler

Mugabi: Africa’s Black Hitler

The trick to dealing with these men is to subjugate yourself momentarily to their self-importance, and the silent threat they offer. So it’s “Yes, sir, no sir” all the way. They want to be seen as nice people so tell them they are wonderful and amazing and whatever other compliments come to mind. Basically, you masturbate their egos and while they are glowing with self-indulgence, you beat a hasty retreat avoiding any niceties like goodbye. If you marry one, I’m sorry for you, you’ll probably become his slave.

Men with moustaches and beards are different; they look old-fashioned and they are usually a bit dreary, but they are often “natural” and equitable toward others. The bearded ones are often earth types: biologists, archeologists, mountain people, gardeners, the man at the health food shop etc. They are not usually a worry. They tend to think a lot and they are often emotionally crippled, hiding their feelings and communicating poorly when it comes to what they really think and feel. But, as they will soon be off to the Gobi desert to dig for bones for three years, you are not going to have to deal with them very much. That’s one less thing to think about.

The female Nazis are more difficult to spot at first glance. Plastic surgery, Botox®, make-up and high fashion can confuse you. Sometimes these women have cruel eyes and bent mouths, but the trick is to listen to their voice. People with beautiful, melodic voices are almost always good people, they have well-developed spirits. It’s the raspy, high-pitched ones you have to watch carefully. The would-be controllers of this world are more pushy and louder than normal; they are here to bark orders and make demands. And woe betide you, if you don’t follow what the camp commandant wants-click your boots and salute!

Symmetry is fun to watch, it tells you heaps about who people really are. I’ll do some more of these pieces from time-to-time. Then there are some aspects of perception that come across as very subtle feelings and etheric nuances that don’t fall into any easily defined category. Etheric perception and ESP comes to you over time.

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Mouth A: Jane Arraf

TV journalist. CNN’s Baghdad correspondent. She is known to be very brave when reporting under fire. (Her lips show an up-beat, warm person that is humble, and yet there is also a dogged strength about them as well.)

Mouth A: Jane Arraf

Mouth B: Dick Cheney

Vice President of America and former CEO of Halliburton. Cheney made tens of millions as the head of Halliburton. He still has millions of share options in the company. He’s keen to promote war. Halliburton’s ranking as a US defense contractor has risen from being outside the top one hundred before the Iraq war began, to being the sixth largest contractor now. Current contracts with the US military are reputed to run at one billion dollars a month. (Cheney’s lips and his mouth overall, have an asymmetrical, crocodile look that says they are about to try to eat you.)

Mouth B: Dick Cheney

Mouth C: Keanu Reeves

Actor, hero of the Matrix films. Recently, he gave a group of twenty-nine technical assistants on the Matrix film a gift of fifty million pounds ($94 million dollars at today’s exchange rates) to be shared equally amongst them. He said that he had no need for any more money as he had enough and that he wanted to acknowledge the special input that they had made that contributed to the success of the films. (Keanu Reeves’ lips show great symmetry and a fullness that suggests warmth, honor, kindness and equanimity.)

Mouth C: Keanu Reeves

Bye for now SW.

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