The Destruction of Mexico City

I had a vision of great earthquake that comes to destroy Mexico City. Here’s what I wrote in 2004.

October 28th 2004

“I saw a great earthquake coming for Mexico City. There was hardly one brick on top of another. Then I saw a man I know that is an ayahuascero*, running across the piles of rubble. He was moving very fast, striding from the top of one pile to the next, effortlessly. He was moving at thirty-to-forty miles and hour, very quick.”

Mexico City has just had a 5.9 earthquake that shook them about a bit but the big one is still to come in my view. Mexico City is truly one of the most unattractive places. The ruling hierarchy and police are very bent and the people are abandoned, victims to street gangs that abduct people and rule by the gun.

When Mexico City falls a lot of souls will rot at the gates of hell. And the survivors might be set free of their oppressors.

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*An ayahuascero is a shaman that uses the Amazonian vine Ayahuasca.


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