Tormenting the Blobs

There is a type of brown etheric brown blobs that fly about policing the sky above us. Normally, when low down, they fly at about twenty-to-thirty miles an hour, but when they get agitated they go into a type of turbo-drive zipping across the sky in seconds. They are the lords and masters of this world because people can’t normally see them. And people are not aware of the control they exercise. It’s an etheric Luftwaffe, flying Nazis. In any patch of blue sky there are a hundred blobs or more. The Morph lights them up.

Usually they are at an altitude of between one thousand and two thousand feet, but they come down lower when provoked. The lowest I have ever seen one is just overhead at about ten feet. I’ve never seen one touch the ground. I think that is because if they did touch the ground the bioelectrical force that sustains them would be electrically earthed and they would never get off again.

When up in the sky they can be twenty to thirty yards across but as they come lower they get smaller and when they are just above your head they are only about the size of a soccer ball or slightly larger. I’m guessing now but I think it might be to do with the magnetic field of the earth that reduces them in size, as they get lower.

They can shape-shift into the classic UFO saucer shape and back to blob as they wish. It’s a power trip, a form of showing off. When they go saucer-shaped people believe them to be alien brothers from outer space here to help us. That feeds their blob-ego and makes them feel special. You know how mediums get very pompous when they think they are channeling the Pleiadians; it’s the same type of galactic specialness, one that seeks to establish an authority over us. Rudolph Steiner said that attempting to establish a spiritual authority over others is devilish. So the guru with his or her control trip over the ashram would be a human version of the blob-force in etheric terms and devilish in Steiner’s terms.

It could be that the flying blobs are nothing more than humans that failed to establish a spiritual authority in a bygone age that subsequently got stuck here in the etheric state and they learned to fly. Imagine a lost civilization say twelve thousand years ago, the would-be teachers, politicians, policemen, shamans, temple people of that age, that died as egocentric cruel controllers, can’t escape the world they hope to control and so they are degraded for a loss of power and they lose their human form to become a lighter-than-air etheric blob that can fly. The blobs can talk to the human mind and so they exercise a secret control over us. Imagine how many humans would thrill at a covert mental power over others. It’s every fascist’s dream come true.

Five years ago there was a big battle with the UFO blobs over a town in the south of France called, La Napoule. The blobs lost, which was a shock to their system, it was like the playground bully getting his nose broken by a scrap of a lad brave enough to take him on. When the illusion of the Fat Controller is broken his importance falls and with that his bioelectricity drops and he is degraded for power. The problem is that the flying blobs are numbered in billions, and so tormenting a few over the skies of France is not a victory, it’s more of a public warning. A small soupçon of things to come.

A couple of days ago I was back at La Napoule, it was Friday night, the place was crowed and the blobs were overhead gang-handed. So I gave them my cheery, “F’ you and your little dog too.” And I followed that with the middle finger salute, American-style. One of the blobs was at about three hundred feet, it was trying to do the saucer-shape but it must have been a bit tired as it was making a hash of it. Anyway, the blobby one whizzes over to me (they fly on curved trajectories), and it hovered over me in a threatening way, ten feet over the main street. In the center of the blob was a pinprick of light like a minute flash of electricity, the blob kept turning it on and off like flicking a light switch. I got the feeling it was desperately trying for more power to no avail.

I try to love them but I fail miserably. Never mind eh? So I tell it what a pathetic wanker it is, and that its sister is a whore that shags rednecks in Washington, and it started to morph up and down at a very rapid pace though I got the impression it didn’t quite get my drift, so I go on to say, “You’re not part of the New Age are you? Because if you are I’ll set Deepak Chopra on your ass and you won’t like that, that Deepak knows loads of important people; they’ll pull your membership card double-quick. Anyway, the blob didn’t know about Deepak and the Seven Spiritual Laws of Success, it was busy trying to comprehend Stuie Wilde’s Laws of Complete Failure, like a sudden decompression of self-importance.

It was during these highfalutin discussions on the New Age, Deepak (bless his little cotton socks) and metaphysics, that I became aware of all the blob’s mates, who had all flown in from someplace behind the buildings to attend Stuie Wilde’s impromptu free seminar in the streets of the small village we were in. There were loads of them I couldn’t count them all. I decided that the time for explaining alternative thinking was over, and so I jumped into my car and headed out of town. Phil Collins was on the radio singing, “There’s something coming through the air tonight.” Phil is okay, he’s terribly right most of the time.

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