An Out-of-Body Experience

About twenty years ago I had an out-of-body experience. I was at the office meditating during the lunch hour when I spontaneously popped out of my body and I hovered up on the ceiling for a few minutes. Then I got a bit spooked and I twanged back into the physical. Short and sweet.

I had another experience a couple of nights ago. The phone rang at 2 a.m. but by the time I got to it, it had stopped. I sat on the sofa just to gather myself before returning to bed and I felt the ground drop away in front of me. There is a dimension I’ve written about before that is directly below us. To get there, you go through a sensation of falling, so I named that place “the falley-down world”. It’s bliss down there so it’s not a worry, the falling, I mean.

I found myself spinning and making tight turns as if I was doing acrobatics in a small plane. I was on the sofa in the physical and flying about in some alternative reality at the same time. The part of me that was flying about created dizziness and vertigo in my physical self, I decided to lie down for fear of falling over.

The out-of-body state lasted three hours—spinning, turning, falling and sometimes moving at high speed. I’d go past mountains that must have been in a daylight time zone as I could see them clearly. On one occasion I flew through a building via a window and out the other side. That really discombobulated me. I could see office equipment and desks but no people.

At one point, I came upon a man in small rowing boat. He was fishing on a pond in Battersea Park, in London. I was hovering in mid-air just a few feet above his left shoulder. In a red plastic bucket were two fish and on his fishing line was another that he had just caught. I asked him, “What is that?” Meaning, I suppose, what kind of fish is that.

He replied, “9.11.”

I asked, “Is it bad?” He didn’t reply. It was all very strange.

But then the 9.11 story is very fishy. It has been proven almost conclusively that the Pentagon was hit by a missile. Flight 77 was supposed to have hit the building; where it actually went is anyone’s guess. I had a vision some years ago that the plane is in the sea off Cape Hatterass. Also digital enhancement of video film seems to show that one of the two planes that hit the Twin Towers had no windows in the fuselage, so people think it was not a commercial airliner.

Two weeks before 9.11, I had a vision of a shoal of silver fish crossing the sky and people falling from the clouds. The scene in Battersea Park that I saw during the OBE could not have been real, maybe it was just a way of telling me that the 9.11 fishes may be coming out of the water. Of course, a vision is one thing and reality is another. I saw a vision of Castro looking inside his own coffin so I imagined he was about to die, and a year or more has passed and he’s still going strong, so one can never hang one’s hat on things happening at any particular time.

9.11 made Americans very sad and if the story unravels and they find out they were bombed by their own people that will also upset them quite a bit. To incarnate out of this world you have to make peace with it and so in essence you have to fall in love with everybody and you have to forgive everyone and wipe the slate clean in your heart. So my thinking is whatever happened on 9.11, never mind, it was just karma. Perhaps people will become a bit nicer in the future, lessons learned and all that.

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