The Journey Beyond Enlightenment

I’ve got a new six CD audio series out with Nightingale Conant called The Journey Beyond Enlightenment; people seem to really like it as the series has turned out to be quite a hit.

I know that people say that certain swamis and holy men were enlightened on a certain day at a certain time and that might well be the case, but for us mere mortals enlightenment is not so much a bolt that descends from above, it’s more an inner thing that involves going past the madness of the ego to embrace the humility of transdecendance.

The ego creates for itself an ivory tower of self-importance that is sustained by the biophontons in the individual’s etheric, and from that place we often expect something or someone to come and raise us up even further. People wait to be discovered or they hope that a great being will appear to raise them up the spiritual ladder towards heaven. It is natural for the ego to seek spiritual importance — it wants to be the chosen one, the specially selected radiant being that is here to redeem the rest of us mere mortals. All of this is very nice but a bit daft.

There is a spirit world close to us at 90º; it’s about four feet off the end of your outstretched arm. Transcendence comes when you collapse your ivory tower and you begin the journey sideways, essentially it is a journey whereby you dematerialize into another world but the first dematerialization is that of importance of the ego. The humility of spirituality is not allowed to seek any particular power for itself, it just seeks redemption and reconciliation. This is not a religious redemption offered by a prelate or a system of religious dogma. It is the act of being redeemed from the torment of the ego and all the stored pain that is contained in its ancient memories.

In the audio series I discuss in detail how to begin to transcend by letting go of importance and striving for recognition, and how we can use surrender as a bridge out of this evolution. It’s in the softness and tenderness of that that we see the final solution to everything, for surrender stands close by beckoning to us. It asks us to set aside foolish things and the madness of importance, and it requires us to trust as we walk into the unknown as if we are walking into the mists of Avalon.

Sometimes the pain of striving to understand can be very tiring, there comes the day when it’s best to let go and quit and sit.

© Stuart Wilde 2006

Details of Stuart’snew tapes series can be found here at Nightingale

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