Eternity and the Speed of Light

When I was a lot younger, I wondered if I could ever come up with an idea that no one had ever thought of before. It was part of a boyhood dreams of becoming a great discoverer of something. Anyway, I came up with lot of silly ideas that were daft and many ideas that had already been thought of. Then one day in a meditation a completely original idea came to me as if a bolt from the blue. Bingo!

Here it is:

~ Eternity has no future. That may sound odd because we imagine eternity out in front of us. Things that are finite are moving slower than the speed of light, so they are moving slower than time, and hence, forward in time. So they have a future. Eternity only exists in a dimension that is moving faster than light. Everything that moves faster than light is going backwards in time. Hence, I can state fairly categorically from my perceptions in those transdimensional worlds, eternity has no future, only a present and a past. Weird, but true.

Yesterday here we come!

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