The New Dignity

Written for Stuart’s Newsletter in December 2003

Happy holidays. This year has been a bit challenging. At times I felt a terrible sense of futility. I know some of you have felt the same. This is because the Old World is melting. But beyond the sense of futility is a new dignity, a redemption that awaits us. I’ve seen glimpses of it. Here’s a piece I wrote about that new dignity that you might find inspirational. Merry Christmas.

Stuart Wilde

In 1993, I wrote a book called, “Whispering Winds of Change”; it was most prophetic in it’s own little way. It talked about the death of the world ego. I said that our true spirituality could not burst forth until the ego died. Our self-importance has to take a few hits in order for us to see we are just pretending; we are often scared, so we play the grand illusion. But we are coming to see that humility is the only way through to the other worlds where the God Force truly exists in abundance. I also said that the world split into two separate paths – one is fundamentalist, war-like and regressive, and the other is open and progressive.

In July 2000, we observed a new phenomena, “the morph” I call it. It looks like dry rain. I describe it as a transcendental overlay on our 3-D world. We saw people dematerialize, and the floors and walls went soapy looking. It seemed as if reality was melting. I came to see the morph was just part of the arrival of the goddess, and death of the ego. It’s as if our old world is melting, to rise again as something new.

Deep in that melting process is your ‘story’. We all have a story. It’s the pain and dysfunction of our lives, the rip offs and the abuse, the disappointments and setbacks, the memory of past experiences. It’s our illusions and the ego’s need to be right all the time. But the story is just that, a story, and it’s got to go or you will never become free.

Circumstances are changing and everyone’s story is under pressure and as the old story melts the ego reacts, fighting to retain control. You may find yourself on a very high horse for a while insisting you are right, insisting on the specialness of your story. The ego is scared and weird so it gets into silly tales that it tells itself. It’s the cult of the Chosen One. It needs to believe it is better than others. Some like to believe they are selected to dominate and rule over us, or at best they feel they are different. They are the ones that will drive the ego in its attempt to control the world. As I said in Whispering Winds, it’s all part of the ego’s need to seek immortality. By pretending to be elevated from common folk, it attempts to distance itself from their fate, which is to die.

Poor ego, all its illusions are melting. This is the phase we are in right now. The melting phase and the ego’s reactions to that melting: the high horse, unreasonableness, squabbles, arrogance, self-righteousness, self-importance and so forth. Just watch TV for an hour and you will see the high horse everywhere, and you will see how people need to be right. They need to be whiter-than-white, while everyone else is wrong, and not as righteous as they are. It’s comical and sad at the same time.

But the high horse doesn’t last long as the pain of holding on to it is immensely draining. You get sick. And your spot in the global mind is in the proximity of tens of thousands other high horses; they aren’t up for competition and so they will attack. Life becomes a running battle through your own shadow and that of others.

The morph is secret; it’s operating 24/7, taking the world ego down, while taking perception and spirituality upwards at rocket speed. And even if the ‘powers that be’ seem to climb up to a new prominence, that is just the ebb and flow in an unseen Armageddon. In the end the world ego, our collective stupidity, is inches from disaster. While angels dance on the head of a pin, we dance on the edge of a precipice. None of that matters if you hold to a humility and a spirituality that trusts in goodness, and the God Force within you, for beyond the rise of the shadow is a new dignity. And beyond that is redemption.

But before redemption, comes futility. If you have felt that futility, bare with it. You are not going crazy. It’s just that as the old paradigms grow stale, nothing offers much hope or inspiration. It’s the world in transition, materialism and pleasure seeking goes flat. The boredom is numbing, almost suicidal at times, in its lack of an escape route. There seems no air, no exit, from the humdrum repetitiveness of the ego’s world – its story. The mind can’t work it out. That’s because it lives in the story, it likes it, even though the story is old. But the parameters of the new world are not the rigid angles and little boxes we are used to. There are no walls. Your new dignity, your new direction is in hyperspace, beyond logic.

Only your Higher Self knows of the world that is being made ready for you. That world includes a higher dimension, a higher level of existence, one in which the new dignity allows you to be free and it allows you to peer into other worlds. They are no longer denied to you. Mother Gaia has come to show us; she is the softness, the feminine within you.

Your Higher Self knows your story all the way to the end, and it knows how to take you to your highest good. It knows the choices you should make, even the very obscure ones that are hidden in the mirror-word that you can’t see at the moment. It knows that no matter how challenging things are right now, there is a redemption for you beyond the ego and the shadow, and the nastiness that is all around.

Some years ago, I made a two-CD series called, “Where the Raven Lands”. The first tape is relaxing road music, what is sometimes called ‘drive and drift’, and the second tape is a guided meditation where the old raven comes and gets you and it takes you to where your Higher Mind is going, beyond the confusion of the ego. It shows you the way. I was ahead of my time with those Raven CDs, because they are only just now becoming very useful as futility and confusion set in.

The Raven is the guide that gets you there. It’s your story beyond your ‘story’, after the old story dies. It’s the goddess, Mother Gaia, taking you by the hand and bringing you home to safety to the pain-free zone, to greet others that got there before you.

The New Dignity is a resurrection, not a literal one after death, just a new spiritual identity after the old-you finally gives up, and it is allowed to fall away. It is a lightness of being, ‘beyond the beyond’ in the embrace of people of like-mind, who also went through the uncertainty of letting go, to the spiritual resurrection that is on the other side. They arrived, as you will, to the new dignity that awaits.

Love, love, Stuie Wilde.

P.S. When I did the Raven mediation many moons ago, I saw a koala bear in a tree. I thought of Australia but I had no connection with the country and I didn’t have a reason to go there. Within a few years, I was married to an Australia and I had a son, and I was living there six months of every year. My logic could never have guessed it but my Higher Self knew.

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