Mad Cow Update

Two years ago I predicted the up-coming mad cow disease crisis in America. The first case has now been found in Washington State. It’s caused panic. The agricultural authorities in America say they have the best regulated beef in the world, but that is not true. In fact, no test are performed on cows before they are slaughtered unless they are seen to collapse in the yard, a fallen cow in America is called a ‘downer’.

What caused the spread of MCD in Britain was the fact that remains of infected animals were rendered into feed that was then given to healthy animals. This is common practice in America, even though they are fully aware of the problems it caused in Britain. MCD is a hidden time bomb that could devastate the cattle industry and cause serious disease in American beefeaters.

The authorities are going to lie and lie, as they did for years in Britain. The truth is there isn’t any safe beef. Try something else.

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